Chanel Resort 2009-2010

I was quite disappointed by most of the new collections. Well summer/spring isnt usually my forte. But this certain Chanel collection has to one of my favorites!, Karl seems to have that gift of picking the perfect scene/location for his collections to pour out onto.The collection was almost perfect until the whole Chanel monogram was imprinted all over the shoal and dress, aswell as the pink tweed jacket being un buttoned which gave it that sexy feel which took me away from the whole sophisticated chanel look. Besides all that everything was still Chanel-esque, Looking through some of the pictures it gives you that sense of feel to that certain era, especially with the hair & make up. This is what I adore the most about Chanel. I hope to see more impressive collections soon.


PaperEye said...

i like woman with white pants and black jacket :3

Jack McCready said...

Chanel's was surprising, you never expect beige's and nudes from them, but it was still Chanel, I loved it. Great post.


Belial said...

yeah i guess :)
im sure alot of people including me would've wondered if coco actually appreciated all these alterations in her designs. Im not much of a chanel lover, but this collection is a fresh breath of air for me.