snip snip

I'm at that stage where I can't decide whether to grow my hair or cut it shorter, I don't think I would cut it any shorter right now since I miss having semi long hair. I found some images on UK hairdresser to help me decide better.

The picture on the left is what my hair looked like until I cut it into a bowl again, the shaven bits are growing out slow so it looks akward but the top layers of my bowl cut hides it.


Bernhard is just one of those designers that blows my mind away, not so much in a good way kind of like wow what are you on when you come up with these designs?!. But he never ceases to amaze me with his signature designs, its almost quirky and playful with a hint of comicality and the same goes for Walter Van Beirendonck & Henrik Vibskov. I haven't been a fan of Bernhard for very long, I only came into realization when he designed the rainbow dress for Bjork during the making of her Volta album. In this collection he favors alot of camo and the use of the orange material which reminds me alot of the colour Buddhist monks use in their robes. He is by far one of the most experimental designers I've come come across. Hes doing his own thing and that's what it should be about.