Some brilliant shots by Hedi Slimane for Another Magazine June Issue (which I missed out on ugh.)


NY Fashion Week has graced our door steps with their Spring 2010 collections!


Transformation one, two & three..




Experimentation Asylum

(feather dressess by Burberry Prorsum & head pieces by Katsuya Kamo)

To see roisin murphy live would certainly be magical!!!


(L to R - Giambattista Valli, Rodarte, Carolina Herrera, Anna Sui, Nanette Lepore, Hervé Léger by Max Azria, Sophie Theallet)



I don't know, lately my head has been up in the clouds. All I seem to do now is just laze about waiting for something to happen like a zombie breakout or anything that'll get my mind of reality. I've also doubted my future career but I'll talk about that another time. I went over to a friends house yesterday for drinks/dvd marathon. I picked about 3 (dancer in the dark, c.r.a.z.y., howls moving castle) & we watched one after the other. I've watched these films over a billion times, I usually watch howl by myself its easier for me to get right into the story with no distractions haha. The castle itself fascinates me especially the interior.

I can't wait to move to a new place just before next year & stuff my room with random junk.


Finished this today with the large amount of free time I had, which should've been used to work on my cape. Almost done hopefully tomorrow ill be able to post it on here :)


I love people who are so sure of themselves no matter how whack they look!

Story of My Life.



Lately Ive been thinking a lot about past collections & this definitely takes me back to the prada turbans. Its such a quirky item to be worn out in public as a fashion statement at the same time the turban releases an egnimatic presences. Aurora Sansone executes the satin turban like no other sultan, especially stringing it all together with the nuetral colours feeling relaxed and comfortable. "It's all about balance!"


The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

(I love this shot of the satin lace rib shirt by preen)

Humble and Haunting.
Graceful, buttoned-up,
tailored and supernatural.

Photography Benny Horne
Fashion Editor Stevie Dance
Model Katie Fogarty @ NEXT


No Cars No Go

I want one.the end.


Nude & Carefree

Ryan McGinley & Juergen Teller being one of my most favorite photographers at the moment. Both with a different distinctive style of capturing their pictures. Ryan with his sense of freedom in photos, care free and nude while Juergen has a sense of quirkiness to his pictures dealing with a more well known group of people. To me there's just no bold seriousness, its gives me that pleasant relaxed feeling.
(If anyone knows the song at the start please let me know)


Happily ever after?

This haunting surreal set of genius photography by Dina Goldstein.
The '...happily ever after' is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues. Wonderful indeed.

The boys wanna be her!

One of my favorite peaches music videos!! love the wicked hair pieces & her gap teeth!!


Quivering in the presence of Leonor

Leonor Scherrer is just one of those women who will basically make my head turn during a conversation with someone else. Time itself will take a moment in bask in her presence, she reminds me of a lecturer I spoke to during one of my university interviews. Leonor's shaved sides & wavy slicked back hair just gives me that nostalgic feeling. I love the intensity in her eyes and the way she potrays herself in photos. One things for sure, I wouldn't be able to breath if she ever came to see any of my collections.

(left to right Ranya Mordanova, Mariacarla Boscono, Leonor Scherrer, Iris Strubegger)
(@ the Givenchy Couture Show,photo from JAK & JIL BLOG)

(Riccardo Tisci & Leonor Scherrer)

Tisci's muse Mariacarla Boscono is the only model carrying over — joining her are Ranya Mordanova; Leonor Scherrer, daughter of retired couturier Jean-Louis Scherrer, who Tisci says he's "completely in love with . . . she represents France in all senses: the elegance, the aristocracy, the darkness of France"


Back to basics

Lately I've been quite slack with drawing, I don't know why but I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment since it's the holidays and of course semester two starts in 2 weeks. It all depends on whether I want to keep on studying or find a job. Anyways here are two drawings I finished yesterday and today. I'm not 100% confident with drawing especially adding shading & stuff which can get quite tedious. I think I'll do a drawing each day.


snip snip

I'm at that stage where I can't decide whether to grow my hair or cut it shorter, I don't think I would cut it any shorter right now since I miss having semi long hair. I found some images on UK hairdresser to help me decide better.

The picture on the left is what my hair looked like until I cut it into a bowl again, the shaven bits are growing out slow so it looks akward but the top layers of my bowl cut hides it.