Wu Yong "Useless"

Ma Ke a chinese born designer who was nominated for her "Wu Yong" collection, which launched in 2007 in Paris. The voluminous, sculptural garments that make up "Wu Yong" celebrate form over function and beauty before practicality (the title "Wu Yong" translates to "Useless"). Some have described Ma Ke's work as "anti-fashion," but we see her following in a long tradition of highly creative fashion that is often more esoteric and conceptual than wearable.

Ma Ke says she is more interested in creating, "things which are the bearers of values for the future." On this basis she rejects fast fashion trends and only works with artisans using hand looms.
Alot of her work reminds me of Kawakubo & Yamamotos pret-a-porter show in October 1982 which was held in paris.


yohjela hah

Heres some stuff I made during my "study break". The simple mood board above shows the direction of where my designs were heading. I'm not going to write a whole essay on my work, I'll let you be the judge. (back of the jacket isn't finished)


X-ray Vision

Ahh! I've been contemplating on getting one of these but never got around to doing it. My ex flatmates had the whole collection, my favorites are the x-rays (above). Their by Karen Walker. I went into sunglasses hut the other day and there's a clearance sale on the x-rays, they were about $300 + but now they're down to $160 which is incredibly wicked!! They only had the black ones which is still wicked!, I tried on the white ones which look nice aswell, especially contrasted against my bowl cut haha. I'll have them in about a week! can't wait!!


Chanel Resort 2009-2010

I was quite disappointed by most of the new collections. Well summer/spring isnt usually my forte. But this certain Chanel collection has to one of my favorites!, Karl seems to have that gift of picking the perfect scene/location for his collections to pour out onto.The collection was almost perfect until the whole Chanel monogram was imprinted all over the shoal and dress, aswell as the pink tweed jacket being un buttoned which gave it that sexy feel which took me away from the whole sophisticated chanel look. Besides all that everything was still Chanel-esque, Looking through some of the pictures it gives you that sense of feel to that certain era, especially with the hair & make up. This is what I adore the most about Chanel. I hope to see more impressive collections soon.