Quivering in the presence of Leonor

Leonor Scherrer is just one of those women who will basically make my head turn during a conversation with someone else. Time itself will take a moment in bask in her presence, she reminds me of a lecturer I spoke to during one of my university interviews. Leonor's shaved sides & wavy slicked back hair just gives me that nostalgic feeling. I love the intensity in her eyes and the way she potrays herself in photos. One things for sure, I wouldn't be able to breath if she ever came to see any of my collections.

(left to right Ranya Mordanova, Mariacarla Boscono, Leonor Scherrer, Iris Strubegger)
(@ the Givenchy Couture Show,photo from JAK & JIL BLOG)

(Riccardo Tisci & Leonor Scherrer)

Tisci's muse Mariacarla Boscono is the only model carrying over — joining her are Ranya Mordanova; Leonor Scherrer, daughter of retired couturier Jean-Louis Scherrer, who Tisci says he's "completely in love with . . . she represents France in all senses: the elegance, the aristocracy, the darkness of France"