I don't know, lately my head has been up in the clouds. All I seem to do now is just laze about waiting for something to happen like a zombie breakout or anything that'll get my mind of reality. I've also doubted my future career but I'll talk about that another time. I went over to a friends house yesterday for drinks/dvd marathon. I picked about 3 (dancer in the dark, c.r.a.z.y., howls moving castle) & we watched one after the other. I've watched these films over a billion times, I usually watch howl by myself its easier for me to get right into the story with no distractions haha. The castle itself fascinates me especially the interior.

I can't wait to move to a new place just before next year & stuff my room with random junk.


Siouxsie said...

I love howl's moving castle. Its my absolute favorite of miyazaki's.